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Emerald Country Club 2th hole, Victoria Australia

2012 Oil on stretched canvas 24"x 36" by Kenneth S


This painting of the second hole at Emerald was chosen by me as it is one of my favourite holes on the course. It is a short par four that starts off very tight from an elevated level then opens up, it looks such an easy hole but the small lake right in front of the green and bunkers both left and right are all there to trap you.


I have been fortunate to par this hole and even birdy it on occasions it feels so good when things go right but don’t miss your tee shot or this realitivley easy hole will bite you.


I chose to paint the hole from the green looking back towards the tee and through in a couple of mates on their way to the green.


I do hope one day that you get to visit Emerald Country club and that you take the time to enjoy its beauty as well as your golf while you are there, as much as I have done and will again.

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