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Broome Golf Course, Western Australia  2012

Oil on stretched canvas 30" x 40" by Kenneth S Hunt 


In 2012 my wife and I travelled to Broome in tropical north Western Australia.  A fantastic place to visit and explore. While there I contacted the Broome Golf Course and had a chat about my paintings and what I was doing with Golf Art Australia. As soon as I found time to fit in a game I did, unfortunately this had to be by myself as my wife is not keen about playing golf.

The young Pro at the course was very welcoming and I enjoyed a pleasant game on a hot steamy day. The course was lush and green as it was coming to the end of the wet season and I found it a fun golf course to play at. I didn’t find a hole that I wanted to paint but after the game I sat and enjoyed a cold beer at the club house. The Club house sat on a ridge, if you looked to the west you looked over the golf course and inland across to cable beach, but to the east where I was looking it was Roebuck bay and Broome port, the water was an unreal iridescent blue and after a pleasant game and an enjoyable beer I found what I was looking for.

When I returned home I carefully planned this painting, I created an impressionistic view of how I saw the Broome Golf course and what it would look like from an elevated prospective, I have included a storm in the background as each afternoon there was a storm somewhere around. I also add a domestic jet as they flew over the course regularly, I will blame them for my poor score on the day as they were an intriguing distraction from my golf game.

If you go to Broome and, like me, enjoy a game of golf, the Broome golf course is well worth visiting. I do suggest that you hire a cart though! It will make your game much more enjoyable and at the end of the game leave time to have a beer or wine at the club house to soak up the breathtaking views of Roebuck Bay.

I hope those of you who have a chance to view my original painting, see and feel what it is that I experienced on my day at Broome golf course.


Original painting is for sale 


High-quality prints, individually made, signed, and numbered by the artist

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