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‘The Masterpiece Pearl’.

Oil on Canvas 32'' x 47'' 1996/97

This large, exquisite painting is an ultra-realistic nude study of beautiful woman, soaking up the sun after having a swim in a tropical pond; her fictitious name is ‘Pearl’, This magnificent painting created by Fine Artist Kenneth S Hunt has been hand painted in oils.


My (the artists) notes and comments.

This original oil painting was planned over a period spanning decades. As a 10-year-old boy in grade 4 I was humiliated by a teacher because I did a pencil drawing of a naked lady for an art subject. My work was destroyed, and I received corporal punishment in front of the class.

Although it took me many years to get over this, from that day on I was determined to draw/paint another nude. Something great that I would not be chastised or punished for.

For me to do this I had to gain the skills to enable me to produce it and being almost totally self-taught it took a while.

In fact, it was not until I was in my late 30s that I felt that I could give it a go.

I was inspired by a picture in a magazine and from that I started the process of planning a major artwork.

In this painting everything was planned, the size of the canvas was mathematically chosen and made to Leonardo DaVinci’s golden rule. The pearl jewellery was included because it looked good on the woman and it allow me to lock in an appropriate name for her and my painting, it also cemented the water theme in the painting as pearls are created in water. The woman’s face was recreated with a pleasant and relaxed expression. I left the slightly abstract look of her feet in the water because that is what they actually looked like in that inspirational photo.

The background waterfall is Millaa Millaa Falls in north Queensland and used its image to create a background it fitted perfectly to create a true tropical feel, it was also used to give the painting depth and to take a little away from the intensity of the focal point of the nude.

The painting was created by meticulously planning, a pencil sketch was initially done on the canvas then paint and varnish were added and built up over several months until the desired affects were produced. Approx. 12 months in all.

The inner depth of the original work must be seen to be genuinely appreciate and with the correct lighting this magnificent work of art becomes almost life like.



*For those who love my work and want to assist me but don't want  to buy a painting or a print. Here you can make a donation and no matter how small it is please know that it will be greatly appreciated and will assist me to be able to continue my artwork.

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Original Painting -

Current price - NOT FOR SALE


Hi quality artist produced, individually created on rag paper.


                      A4       $50

                      A3       $125

                      A2       $295


* Custom sized prints are available please contact artist

for size and price.

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