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Commission, Original Artworks. 

I will be happy to work with you to find out what you want done. I will look at what images you have of your subject and either utilize them or take some of my own. I am a proud fine artist that creates life like artwork. I genuinely love what I do and especially enjoy knowing that what I create brings great joy to others.

Life Like Oil Painting and pencil drawing

  • Off yourself

  • Your loved one/s

  • Your Pet – Dog, Cat, Horse etc.

  • Your Favourite thing – Car, Plane, Train etc.

  • You & your partner

  • Your wedding

  • Your Family

  • You or a loved one, playing sport – Football, Golf, Netball etc.

  • For Clubs Group or organisations –

I can create a work of art of a champion player, a revered member, a corporate leader, politician etc.

  • And for those who like landscapes –

I can create a painting of your favourite place, the forest, the beach, a lake or a river, a building, a small country town etc.

Each commissioned work of art is unique. You decide the subject, and together with me we can work out the size and price depending on your space and budget restrictions.


No matter what size the artwork is or how much it will cost, all artwork that is to be created by me is treated the same. Ultimately, I want you to be please with your investment in an artwork I create for you.

As I mentioned before each painting is unique each must be carefully and meticulously planned and then created so that the person, pet or place that I am portraying is as true to life as I can make it.

Your opportunity to take advantage of my artistic talents is right now!

I am now in my sixty's and have about fifty years of experience, and what I do is incredibly special, so why not let me do something special for you.



A rough guide to a commissioned artwork by Kenneth S Hunt is listed below but each one will be quoted for individually.


Pencil Drawing from $500

Landscape Oil painting from $750

Portrait Oil Painting from $1500

*Masters Touch from $15,000


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