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Olinda Golf Course

Olinda Golf Course, 3rd hole with a dream view,  Victoria Australia 2019 

Oil on stretched canvas 40" x 60" by Kenneth S Hunt

Olinda GC Final.jpg

The Olinda Golf Club – Permanently closed.

Olinda golf course was closed on October 14, 2014, like me many of you either learnt to play golf or at least had played golf at this very picturesque course.

It has taken me several years to choose one particular hole that to me is the most picturesque and challenging at Olinda. The hole was the 3rd and I like many looked at this hole as a challenge, it appeared so simple just give the ball a decent wack and it would land on the green, easy! Well to my horror no matter what I did that ball never made it to the green, and the harder I tried the worse it got.

In fact, in the end if I didn’t hit it over the fence and out of bounds on the right, I was pretty happy. So many good times with friends, so many laughs and a few tears, I even remember sliding down in the snow on this hole when I was 17 years old and having a day off from school.


The Painting

To create this oil painting, I went back up to the old course and spent several hours taking pictures a few drawings and some notes. I then went back through some old photo’s taken when it was a golf course. Using the old and new photos, the drawings and notes plus my memory of what it was like in its day I drafted in pencil the design of the painting onto a large canvas. Form there I built up layers of oil paint over a period of six months. Finally, this magnificent work of art was completed, several years of contemplation, a few months of preparation and many more to draw and paint.

I am pleased with my efforts and proud that I have created a lasting memory of such an iconic peace of our beautiful Dandenong Ranges it might be closed for all time and now looks completely different but in my painting,  it will continue to live on.

As a fine artist I need your assistance to continue painting, if you like my paintings please consider purchasing a print of my work, this will assist me to be able to fund my artistic work and go towards starting my own studio gallery to display my artwork and it will give you a great picture to hang at your house of an iconic piece of our beautiful Dandenong Ranges.


Original painting is for sale


High-quality prints, individually made, signed, and numbered by the artist

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