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Eastwood Golf Course 2nd hole, Victoria Australia 2015

 Oil on stretched canvas, 30"x 40"-  by Kenneth S Hunt


This painting is larger and slightly more detailed painting of a smaller painting that I did a few years ago. The small painting was accidently damaged while I was photographing it as a finished painting. That painting that is now not for sale and will remain with me in my private collection, but it deserved better, so I did it again only larger this time.


The Eastwood golf course lies at the foot of Mt Dandenong and for me this was a pleasant distraction that added something special to my golf game, this impressive backdrop was present at most of the holes.

I have only played a few games of golf at Eastwood but found the views in and around the course spectacular which adds to the experience of the game. I chose to paint the second hole at Eastwood, a very picturesque par 3 hole that looks directly at Mt Dandenong and for me it was a testing hole but it capitulates the essence and beauty that this course has to offer.


I hope that my painting of the Eastwood Golf Course inspires you to pay it a visit as it is a beautiful place. Enjoy a game of golf or just have pleasant time enjoying the views and the extensive facilities that are on offer at the club house which is a pleasant and welcoming establishment, with a well-stocked bar, great meals and even pokies if that’s your thing.


I hope that all that view my golf art paintings, see in them the stress free environment that a golf course can give, all you have to do is look at your surroundings and enjoy the experience.



Original painting is for sale


High-quality prints, individually made, signed, and numbered by the artist

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